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Saturday, March 5, 2011

He is my friend!

A morning lonely, at a little village there a cute wood building the roof at closes over by zincs. That where they live their parents consequence died in action.

Suddenly, loneliness morning that solved by artillery mortar sound that fall above that orphanage. Crashed the roof by explosion, and way of thinking zinc fragments to entire rooms so that make many wounded orphan. There a little girl sore at foot part by zinc fragment, and the foot almost broken off. He is lying above when found ruins, p3k soon done and somebody is sent immediately to hospital closest to ask please.

When doctors and nurse arrives, they begin to investigate sore children. When does doctor see that little girl, he realize that he can help that girl as soon as it blood. He is soon see orphan archives to detect to what there one who has blood group same.

That nurse begins to call child names that has blood group equal to those little girl. Few minutes then, gather children that has blood group same, children appear fear, but they are quiet. That doctor requests, "Please, is between you that vouchsafe the blood for your friend? Because otherwise he will died!"

Final, there a man kid rear lift his arms and nurse lay out it at iron bed to prepare blood transfusion process.
When does nurse lift kid arm to clean it, that kid begins restless.

"Calm, "that nurse word," will not ill."

then doctor begins needle insert, he begins to cry.

"does ill?" ask that doctor.

But that kid is even cries faster. "I have hurt this kid!" that doctor word is at heart and try to unburden ill that kid with tranquilize it, but of no use. After several long, transfusion process finished and that doctor asks nurse to ask to that kid.

"does ill?"

that kid answers, "not, painless. "

"then why do you cry?" ask that doctor.

"because I am afraid to died" answer that kid.

That doctor is amaze.

"Why will you think that you died?"

He hushes!

That doctor can not say anything, then he asks, "Then if you think you will died, why do you ready to give your blood?"
He says, "Because he is my friend, and I compassionate it..."

So, my friend.
This child know that because of his the affection must make a sacrifice, but he is willing permanent dies by help a the friend, do we have affection like that child? Let us pick honest affection like moppet story on. Realize all that in fellow in action, deed, pronunciation or real sacrifice, even if for that demand sacrifice from our alive.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Candles!

There a story about small candles that brought by a man climbs ladder enough tall, aim a tower. In their trip climb ladder, small candles asks to man that bring it, "We want where?"

"We shall rise higher and will give instruction to big ships on the light seas vast."

"What? Which may be I can give instruction to big ships with my light very little? Those big ships will not see my light" Answer weak small candles.

"That not your affair. If your flame really little, all right. Must you do permanent burn and affair furthermore my task" Answer that man.

Not long until they at where found lamp very big with reflector glass available at the hind. That man turns big with wear weak flame small candles. In a moment, that place bounce back bright light so that ships exist in middle sea see the light.

My friend,

With existence and our limited, really we shall not able do something that will mean. But one matter that must you remember, that your alive likes "Small Candles" exist in brave God hand. All ability and your skill only permanent will like small candles flame if you don't put your alive in God hand.

On the contrary although your flame is very little even may be dull, but if you entrust entire your existence in God, so he is able makes your little flame is big flame that brings big benefit for many person.

Don't look at disability, limited, and your weakness. If God entrust a certain to you I don't know that a big job and or a service, believe that you in brave God hand. He will wear you appropriate the wish. We only as the tool.

When do we entrust entire our existence in God, so you will see to Him wear your alive and not impossible your limited is big blessing!


Need For Speed Underground


Name: Need For Speed Underground
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Need For Speed
Engine: EAGL
Version: 4.0 04-02-2004
Release: November 17, 2003
Mode: Single Player

System requirements

Miscrosoft Windows
* Windows 98 or Better
* CPU 700 MHz
* RAM 128 MB for 98/ME, RAM 256 MB for 2000/XP
* 2 GB hard disk space
* VGA Radeon 7500, GeForce 2
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


Need For Speed Underground


Need For Speed Most Wanted


Name: Need For Speed Most Wanted
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Need For Speed
Engine: EAGL3
Version: 1.3 06-12-2005
Release: November 11, 2005
Mode: Single Player

System requirements

Microsoft Windows
* Windows 2000 or Better
* CPU 1.4 GHz or Better
* RAM 256 Mb
* 3 GB hard disk space
* VGA Radeon 7500, GeForce 2 MX
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


Need For Speed Most Wanted


Think before act!

They say story there three person enter forests, caught citizen that still Cannibal (Consumes Human). Third person wail to request pity compassion, so that released with give various reason, child many and still little - little and as it. Gestures tribe head to release, but long they haven't consume human meat, final they are invited to play, win may go home freely.

The game look for fruit to forest, may fruit everything, origin numbers 10 fruit and only one kind that chosen, game furthermore explained then, who gets quicker fruit may return to tribe settlement. Reminded to doesn't tries blurred during look for fruit at that's the game. Who at throws and will voice so be slaughtered, they must quiet during at throw and otherwise voice when at throw, he wins and free. First throw, second, third befall and the first person learns to hold back ill taste, good when does mango hit body or his arms. Throw fourth, fifth, sixth more sharper aim to head and he is permanent then survive. And throw the ninth and tenth hit eye and nose and he doesn't hold back, so he loses and be slaughtered the current week.

Second person brings fruit cherry, red and little, explained all the game regulation, and the first person leaves: " This is easy for you, so to survive and go home, and tell my family relative if I die for nothing at this tribe, submit to government and this tribe existence policeman" such the message. Second person begins at throw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and deliciously at pass by it, clear only a cherry little. But when cherry to 10 want at throw, he loses and slaughtered also. Upon arriving at eternity, both of them meets and the first person asks: "Why do you laugh hard before cherry tenth at throw? You almost congratulation, Why do you make so?"

Second person answers: "How do I not laugh? I want temporary at throw tenth, I see our friend out from forest brings coconut... !! While at raise hand the proudly, if he can bring big coconut!"

Therefore if you make a certain and doesn't understand regulation, ask clearly, don't be shy ask, don't origin does a certain, unknowingly direction and aim, this only will make problem. That's if we make a certain without understand aim from what we do, we only follow current, doesn't has aim, and doesn't has point of view. So, to think before act.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Self-supporting woman!

Self-supporting woman and shatterproof! Like that's present day woman figure. For man, has self-supporting fair really fun. They will not be fussed with problem dependence usually be undergone pair other.

But here's problem no many undergone. They are difficult gets pair.

Because sometimes, moment woman too self-supporting, man event felt the pair doesn't want it. Self-supporting character initially beneficial in the end exactly can harm because more go away us from pair whom we love.

Individual optimist, flexible, many has friend but always averse another person aid self-supporting individual type.

Self-supporting character appears especially in individual that has higher education and ambitious in career. They are accustomed to doesn't base on another person. The problem, moment has this self-supporting type family is difficult divides attention and time for the pair.

Finally, this self-supporting type pair will felt ignored. Note seldom husband will suffer heart, afraid and confused. Finally, connection wholeness can disturbed.

When do you stay in situation like that. Adaption and tolerance delivers pair necessary done. For example, when does decision making accustomed self, now you have colleague also must awarded. Ask your problem excise pair suggestion at office or at home can be little matter that makes pair is not ignored.

* How to so that be loved fire not again felts ignored and fear to your independence? Applied tips easy next!

* Accustom for is contents your heart in pair. Important for self to be able to understand your self.

* Place your self as a-friend. Posed to be good listener, always ready support to belong to enjoy delight with. This manner can decrease to come under pressure that has pair because demand to change self.

* Invite self in a activity whit, make delight that can he feel when do a certain matter together.


Money not everything!

Most of all human knows and want money, benefit and this money influence is really incredible towards our social life. That can we see in television messages, newspaper, magazine and internet. All problems, also almost connected problem and related to money.

There are some principled person that any can be regulated with money, all irrespective money, cannot make to what without money, everything only rely to money. Does true? It's problem spirituality, our connection with God must also rely on money?

Ok. If there that rely on or consider that money everything. How if God make a regulation by.......

"Once sip air every human must pay 1.000, otherwise so the soul will be pulled"

Mean in 1 average human minute sips air as much as 30 times, 1 clock = 1800 times; 1 day = 43200 times; So 43200 X 1000 = 43.200.000 every day.

that mean us must pay 43.200.000, every to sip air, how if a month we pay 129.600.000, or equal to one year 1.555.200.000, or if must be paid for a lifetime? Is able we pay so many money to sip air if God make regulation like that? certain difficult we pay, is proper we alive this time if we sip?

My friend,
Well... Obvious God gives all airs whom we sip every day that "FREE" free and free without pay a little also.

Really during we are alive certain one money, but try to contemplate in your heart that 'Money not everything'. Because money really right we require, mean don't money dominates our alive but we are that must can restrain money. Misfortune one who always rely on money.

Therefore God praise, God give free air to we sipped every day. Remember and aware God that suffice our alive need during the time. God that make us up to like this time. "Without God, I'm at the end of one's rope?


Talent in human self!

Talent absolute something that at has human!
Every man certain has talent, with that talent us can express talent whom we have at one particular activity. As to talent among other; talent plays music, talent paints, talent dances, talent teacher and still many again.

We can we do, that be a talent unconsciously there in our self. Talent relates a skill or talent can be called skill. Professionalism first matter to all hard worker, that is with rely on a skill or that the talent.

So, let us dig our talent and that talent appreciation is at one particular job of course easy, as spirit livelihood and hobby. Because talent can produce money for us. For example is a singer. Come on dig then talent in our self!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Need For Speed Carbon


Name: Need For Speed Carbon
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Need For Speed
Engine: Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Version: 1.4 06-08-2007
Release: October 31, 2006
Mode: Single Player

System requirements

Microsoft Windows
* Windows Xp or Better
* CPU 1,7 GHz or Better
* RAM 512 Mb
* 5.3 Gb hard disk drive space
* VGA Radeon 8500; GeForce 4 Ti
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
* 8x DVD drive (DVD edition) / CD drive (CD edition)


Need For Speed Carbon


Smadav 2011 Rev. 8. 4

Will speak to Counter Virus really not there ending, update very need. Virus day after day more increase and the total can achieve hundreds even thousands. Well, to will prevent Virus existence at this friend computer me will share to Counter Virus Smadav 2011 Rev. 8. 4. Smadav 2011 Rev. 8. 4 this be update version from Smadav 2010 Rev. 8. 3!

The display can be seen above!
Smadav 2011 Rev. 8. 4 this is little relative the size and easy to at use. Smadav to be counter nation child work result local virus. So, do you interested want to use to counter virus this? Please click be to downloaded it freely!


Smadav 2011 Rev. 8. 4


Don't be afraid to dream!

Don't be bored to hope. Don't be bored dream. That alive it seen to be beautiful because hope and dreams whom we get up. Precede morning permanently open eye and heart for permanent dream sure wise action.

Dream whilst we are alive, whilst we can mention all hopes whom we want the mentioned will help us to be able to will zeal for alive. That thing very will help us in will interpret every second life that, and be endured.

Dream without be followed with effort sure be seen to be without meaning, although that thing valid to done. Hard effort and also be supported with player that more will make that dream closer with fact.

When all hopes materialized? This matter is more because all permanent decisions is held by substance very strong. Our God. But, our cleverness makes use opportunity and will look existing challenge sure will make success will be matter may be.

The true human really only can dream, try and pray. Temporary immanent decision on-hand God. That is oftentimes our parents teaches moment we are little formerly. That advice also oftentimes we hear from teaches, or friend, friend o whoever one closest we are moment we are fallen down, almost desperate because a problem. That fact only time problem. Always there right time that underscored for all dream success realized.

We must ready with all possibility, belong possibility to fail to reaches dream. Failure in will reaches dream will teach us many matter. Make us more focus forwards by what we intended.

We are sure not foreign with failure success that delay, don't consider trifling sentence. such really in reality. Knowledge at the opposite of failure considerably strong we shall feel when we shall can to will learn from every error.


Final, every what we feel really demand us to always think positive. Don't afraid dream, afraid dream to mean afraid alive. Afraid alive best die all.

That human unique creature with all surplus at have it should, human can increase ability think. Dream that is border on the true ability thinks that has. How far we dream and the we shall think steps to realize it, so closer also possibility every dream will be fact.

See you next time!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Idm 6. 05 Full Version

Hey friend all! This is me want share Idm 6. 05 Full Version! Idm this Idm update version from Idm 6. 04 Finals! Idm has facilities download summary that make possible for you to be able to finish to download. Idm very easy to at use and only 4. 05 Mb, little not?

Well, there is no need to tired difficult looks for there! I have prepared link download it be!

Idm 6. 05

Note: Idm 6. 05 this trial version in order to become Full Version so use to Patch be. Congratulation try!!

Patch Idm All Version


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