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Friday, March 4, 2011

Think before act!

They say story there three person enter forests, caught citizen that still Cannibal (Consumes Human). Third person wail to request pity compassion, so that released with give various reason, child many and still little - little and as it. Gestures tribe head to release, but long they haven't consume human meat, final they are invited to play, win may go home freely.

The game look for fruit to forest, may fruit everything, origin numbers 10 fruit and only one kind that chosen, game furthermore explained then, who gets quicker fruit may return to tribe settlement. Reminded to doesn't tries blurred during look for fruit at that's the game. Who at throws and will voice so be slaughtered, they must quiet during at throw and otherwise voice when at throw, he wins and free. First throw, second, third befall and the first person learns to hold back ill taste, good when does mango hit body or his arms. Throw fourth, fifth, sixth more sharper aim to head and he is permanent then survive. And throw the ninth and tenth hit eye and nose and he doesn't hold back, so he loses and be slaughtered the current week.

Second person brings fruit cherry, red and little, explained all the game regulation, and the first person leaves: " This is easy for you, so to survive and go home, and tell my family relative if I die for nothing at this tribe, submit to government and this tribe existence policeman" such the message. Second person begins at throw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and deliciously at pass by it, clear only a cherry little. But when cherry to 10 want at throw, he loses and slaughtered also. Upon arriving at eternity, both of them meets and the first person asks: "Why do you laugh hard before cherry tenth at throw? You almost congratulation, Why do you make so?"

Second person answers: "How do I not laugh? I want temporary at throw tenth, I see our friend out from forest brings coconut... !! While at raise hand the proudly, if he can bring big coconut!"

Therefore if you make a certain and doesn't understand regulation, ask clearly, don't be shy ask, don't origin does a certain, unknowingly direction and aim, this only will make problem. That's if we make a certain without understand aim from what we do, we only follow current, doesn't has aim, and doesn't has point of view. So, to think before act.

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