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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Money not everything!

Most of all human knows and want money, benefit and this money influence is really incredible towards our social life. That can we see in television messages, newspaper, magazine and internet. All problems, also almost connected problem and related to money.

There are some principled person that any can be regulated with money, all irrespective money, cannot make to what without money, everything only rely to money. Does true? It's problem spirituality, our connection with God must also rely on money?

Ok. If there that rely on or consider that money everything. How if God make a regulation by.......

"Once sip air every human must pay 1.000, otherwise so the soul will be pulled"

Mean in 1 average human minute sips air as much as 30 times, 1 clock = 1800 times; 1 day = 43200 times; So 43200 X 1000 = 43.200.000 every day.

that mean us must pay 43.200.000, every to sip air, how if a month we pay 129.600.000, or equal to one year 1.555.200.000, or if must be paid for a lifetime? Is able we pay so many money to sip air if God make regulation like that? certain difficult we pay, is proper we alive this time if we sip?

My friend,
Well... Obvious God gives all airs whom we sip every day that "FREE" free and free without pay a little also.

Really during we are alive certain one money, but try to contemplate in your heart that 'Money not everything'. Because money really right we require, mean don't money dominates our alive but we are that must can restrain money. Misfortune one who always rely on money.

Therefore God praise, God give free air to we sipped every day. Remember and aware God that suffice our alive need during the time. God that make us up to like this time. "Without God, I'm at the end of one's rope?

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