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Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Candles!

There a story about small candles that brought by a man climbs ladder enough tall, aim a tower. In their trip climb ladder, small candles asks to man that bring it, "We want where?"

"We shall rise higher and will give instruction to big ships on the light seas vast."

"What? Which may be I can give instruction to big ships with my light very little? Those big ships will not see my light" Answer weak small candles.

"That not your affair. If your flame really little, all right. Must you do permanent burn and affair furthermore my task" Answer that man.

Not long until they at where found lamp very big with reflector glass available at the hind. That man turns big with wear weak flame small candles. In a moment, that place bounce back bright light so that ships exist in middle sea see the light.

My friend,

With existence and our limited, really we shall not able do something that will mean. But one matter that must you remember, that your alive likes "Small Candles" exist in brave God hand. All ability and your skill only permanent will like small candles flame if you don't put your alive in God hand.

On the contrary although your flame is very little even may be dull, but if you entrust entire your existence in God, so he is able makes your little flame is big flame that brings big benefit for many person.

Don't look at disability, limited, and your weakness. If God entrust a certain to you I don't know that a big job and or a service, believe that you in brave God hand. He will wear you appropriate the wish. We only as the tool.

When do we entrust entire our existence in God, so you will see to Him wear your alive and not impossible your limited is big blessing!

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