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Saturday, March 5, 2011

He is my friend!

A morning lonely, at a little village there a cute wood building the roof at closes over by zincs. That where they live their parents consequence died in action.

Suddenly, loneliness morning that solved by artillery mortar sound that fall above that orphanage. Crashed the roof by explosion, and way of thinking zinc fragments to entire rooms so that make many wounded orphan. There a little girl sore at foot part by zinc fragment, and the foot almost broken off. He is lying above when found ruins, p3k soon done and somebody is sent immediately to hospital closest to ask please.

When doctors and nurse arrives, they begin to investigate sore children. When does doctor see that little girl, he realize that he can help that girl as soon as it blood. He is soon see orphan archives to detect to what there one who has blood group same.

That nurse begins to call child names that has blood group equal to those little girl. Few minutes then, gather children that has blood group same, children appear fear, but they are quiet. That doctor requests, "Please, is between you that vouchsafe the blood for your friend? Because otherwise he will died!"

Final, there a man kid rear lift his arms and nurse lay out it at iron bed to prepare blood transfusion process.
When does nurse lift kid arm to clean it, that kid begins restless.

"Calm, "that nurse word," will not ill."

then doctor begins needle insert, he begins to cry.

"does ill?" ask that doctor.

But that kid is even cries faster. "I have hurt this kid!" that doctor word is at heart and try to unburden ill that kid with tranquilize it, but of no use. After several long, transfusion process finished and that doctor asks nurse to ask to that kid.

"does ill?"

that kid answers, "not, painless. "

"then why do you cry?" ask that doctor.

"because I am afraid to died" answer that kid.

That doctor is amaze.

"Why will you think that you died?"

He hushes!

That doctor can not say anything, then he asks, "Then if you think you will died, why do you ready to give your blood?"
He says, "Because he is my friend, and I compassionate it..."

So, my friend.
This child know that because of his the affection must make a sacrifice, but he is willing permanent dies by help a the friend, do we have affection like that child? Let us pick honest affection like moppet story on. Realize all that in fellow in action, deed, pronunciation or real sacrifice, even if for that demand sacrifice from our alive.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Candles!

There a story about small candles that brought by a man climbs ladder enough tall, aim a tower. In their trip climb ladder, small candles asks to man that bring it, "We want where?"

"We shall rise higher and will give instruction to big ships on the light seas vast."

"What? Which may be I can give instruction to big ships with my light very little? Those big ships will not see my light" Answer weak small candles.

"That not your affair. If your flame really little, all right. Must you do permanent burn and affair furthermore my task" Answer that man.

Not long until they at where found lamp very big with reflector glass available at the hind. That man turns big with wear weak flame small candles. In a moment, that place bounce back bright light so that ships exist in middle sea see the light.

My friend,

With existence and our limited, really we shall not able do something that will mean. But one matter that must you remember, that your alive likes "Small Candles" exist in brave God hand. All ability and your skill only permanent will like small candles flame if you don't put your alive in God hand.

On the contrary although your flame is very little even may be dull, but if you entrust entire your existence in God, so he is able makes your little flame is big flame that brings big benefit for many person.

Don't look at disability, limited, and your weakness. If God entrust a certain to you I don't know that a big job and or a service, believe that you in brave God hand. He will wear you appropriate the wish. We only as the tool.

When do we entrust entire our existence in God, so you will see to Him wear your alive and not impossible your limited is big blessing!


Need For Speed Underground


Name: Need For Speed Underground
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Need For Speed
Engine: EAGL
Version: 4.0 04-02-2004
Release: November 17, 2003
Mode: Single Player

System requirements

Miscrosoft Windows
* Windows 98 or Better
* CPU 700 MHz
* RAM 128 MB for 98/ME, RAM 256 MB for 2000/XP
* 2 GB hard disk space
* VGA Radeon 7500, GeForce 2
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


Need For Speed Underground


Need For Speed Most Wanted


Name: Need For Speed Most Wanted
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Need For Speed
Engine: EAGL3
Version: 1.3 06-12-2005
Release: November 11, 2005
Mode: Single Player

System requirements

Microsoft Windows
* Windows 2000 or Better
* CPU 1.4 GHz or Better
* RAM 256 Mb
* 3 GB hard disk space
* VGA Radeon 7500, GeForce 2 MX
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


Need For Speed Most Wanted


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