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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Self-supporting woman!

Self-supporting woman and shatterproof! Like that's present day woman figure. For man, has self-supporting fair really fun. They will not be fussed with problem dependence usually be undergone pair other.

But here's problem no many undergone. They are difficult gets pair.

Because sometimes, moment woman too self-supporting, man event felt the pair doesn't want it. Self-supporting character initially beneficial in the end exactly can harm because more go away us from pair whom we love.

Individual optimist, flexible, many has friend but always averse another person aid self-supporting individual type.

Self-supporting character appears especially in individual that has higher education and ambitious in career. They are accustomed to doesn't base on another person. The problem, moment has this self-supporting type family is difficult divides attention and time for the pair.

Finally, this self-supporting type pair will felt ignored. Note seldom husband will suffer heart, afraid and confused. Finally, connection wholeness can disturbed.

When do you stay in situation like that. Adaption and tolerance delivers pair necessary done. For example, when does decision making accustomed self, now you have colleague also must awarded. Ask your problem excise pair suggestion at office or at home can be little matter that makes pair is not ignored.

* How to so that be loved fire not again felts ignored and fear to your independence? Applied tips easy next!

* Accustom for is contents your heart in pair. Important for self to be able to understand your self.

* Place your self as a-friend. Posed to be good listener, always ready support to belong to enjoy delight with. This manner can decrease to come under pressure that has pair because demand to change self.

* Invite self in a activity whit, make delight that can he feel when do a certain matter together.

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